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Date From Program Lead Kudos To Reason
04/06/2017 Nate Davol Gabe Gilham Gabe provided some excellent breakfast burritos for everyone.
04/06/2017 Kate Weber Rosie Converse Rosie came and presented at our library shindig yesterday. She was well spoken, knowledgeable, and thorough in her explanations of upcoming changes to Destiny and in fielding questions about Destiny in general. So glad she's at SOESD and says "yes" to things!
04/06/2017 Kate Weber Ray Robison Ray stepped out of his comfort zone and said yes to my request to facilitate the Zoom portion of our library shindig yesterday. Because of his involvement, people who couldn't be with us in person had a much better experience joining us electronically. Yay for Ray!
05/10/2017 Kate Weber Rosie Converse Rosie, as always, jumped into one of my weird requests with both feet. I was doing a Makerspace at Phoenix High School and wanted a coding component. She created a coding game that explained coding within the parameters of the time frame allowed. She also expanded the conversation with the students to include what coding at work looks like in the real world. Yay Rosie!
05/15/2017 Ben Davol Kelsey Huntley Kelsey was especially awesome this last week on multiple occasions, she proactively went above and beyond in putting together interviewee and applicant packets for me so I could move forward fast with hires for ES. She is so great to have on the team, an incredibly hard worker and indispensable to the entire TMS program.
05/15/2017 Rea Snyder Brandi Cameron Brandi has been invaluable and instrumental in the success of the Mentor Grant in our region. Not only does she have the kindest personality, she has a "can do " attitude that is contagious with all those she works with. Both Heidi and I view her as our partner not our assistant. She contributes her ideas and takes our work to the next level. She is appreciated not only by us but by all our mentors, district coordinators, district PL C leaders and all of the ODE Mentor Grant personnel. The words thank you cannot begin to express my gratitude to you Brandi.
08/30/2017 Shahid Ali Gabe, Nate and team Wanted to tell the CIS team how appreciative I am for all the hard work and being able to save the day. Gabe was able to hop on and help with a umra issue in bind and nate always saves the days. Don't think we mention it enough but wanted to let your the team know how appreciated they are!
01/31/2018 Chris Whiteley Kelsey Huntley Kelsey was a huge help taking me around the building and also making sure I had everything I needed to start working here. She made this an easy transition! Thanks!
03/01/2018 David Todd Randy Churchill Stopped in middle of his important work projects to assist with vital information to several school districts
03/02/2018 Brian Robin Pam Weaver Pam did a tremendous job of supporting the STEMTATHLON event at RCC's Redwood Campus on March 1, 2018. She exceeded her assigned job duties by adding extra, essential, support in the coordination of participating students that then allowed other SOESD and RCC staff time needed to speak with media, confer with teaching staff and wrap up closing ceremonies and awards. Pam did an outstanding job of representing both the SOESD and Career and Technical Education!
03/02/2018 Brian Robin Karla Clark Karla, as the CTE Community Outreach Facilitator, was the driving force behind the success of the RCC/SOESD STEMTATHLON event at the RCC Redwood Campus on March 1, 2018. Her planning and coordination of other , appropriate, SOESD and RCC staff members, scheduling the participation of over 300 high school students from 14 regional high schools, and coordinating activities on the day of the event surpassed her assigned job duties. Karla's representation of both Career and Technical Education, and the SOESD, was exemplary!